LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

A tricky par 5 that lulls the long hitter into being adventurous. You need to be wary of all the distractions that this hole has in store for you. The 1st shot is to a wide and generous fairway but you don’t want to be close to the large tree on the right or the clump of bushes on the left. On the 2nd shot be wary of the cross winds that are not easy to judge. There is a small wall just short of the green beyond which is the OB. The green is deep and tricky, especially if the pin is at the front or back edge.

TIP: Be short of the green on the left to attack the pin.
  • Gold 476
  • Blue 476
  • Blue (L) 476
  • White 411
  • Red (L) 411